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Aronia or chokeberry is the most healing kind of fruit so the experts often call it natural remedy. It has been declared " superfood " in the United States -food that is actually a cure. It originates from North America, while in Europe it is most widespread as fruit species in Russia and Poland.

Aronia contains the largest number of antioxidants compared to all other foods used in human diet.

Antioxidants are substances that protect the body from free radicals. When they bind oxygen, they inactivate the free radicals thereby strengthening the defense abilities of the body, and protecting the body against the aging process and diseases. Many studies have proven that the antioxidants help us prevent cancer and heart disease, preserve memory and reduce the risk of degenerative diseases, reduce pain, fatigue, muscle pain, prevent some eye diseases, and even fight against wrinkles.

Aronia berries can be processed into juice, compote, jam, marmalades. They can be used fresh or dried, and can be frozen. They are used for the preparation of soft drinks, as an addition to dairy products - a variety of spreads, yoghurt and cheese, in the preparation of liqueurs, brandy and wine. They are also excellent as an addition to chocolate.

We grow aronia entirely by natural means, without the use of chemical substances, and for now it is irrigated with spring water. Aronia ripens in late August. Due to the limited amounts of it we receive orders during the year, and supply fresh chokeberries in September.

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