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About Us

Our family plantation of aronia is located in the small town of Murino in northern Montenegro. It was planted in the fall of 2011, and it is based on the desire to use a family farm to start a production of a completely natural and healthy aronia in a natural way, without using any chemicals, grown in the unspoiled nature of this beautiful part of Montenegro. After the three-year control period we got CERTIFICATE number 126B158 that Aronia that we grow produced completely natural or organic form (photos in gallery).

After performing all the required analysis of the land in an authorized laboratory and preparing the land for planting, we planted the seedlings of Aronia certified for farming. In vitro vegetative reproduction from the meristems in the plant tissue culture was used for reproduction. It was uniform and completely healthy. Manure is exclusively used for fertilizing seedlings before planting and then every two years.

Even though the Lim River flows only fifty meters from the plantation, we irrigate chokeberry seedlings with the drip irrigation system which uses a mountain spring in order to irrigate it with completely pure and healthy water. In this way we eliminate any possibility of the intake of harmful chemical substances through irrigation.

Where are we located