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Aronia usage

We process aronia berries into juices, compotes, jams, marmalades. They can be used fresh or dried, and they can be frozen as well. They are used for the preparation of soft drinks, as an addition to dairy products - a variety of spreads, yogurt and cheese, and it is possible to prepare a variety of liqueurs, brandy and wine. It is excellent as an addition to chocolate.

No doubt that the aronia juice or tea can be very soothing and refreshing beverage which is recommended for the elderly as well as younger people.

In addition to the juice and tea, delicious marmalades, compotes, purées, syrups and various fruity desserts can be prepared from these precious fruits, and by mixing it with other kinds of fruit rich flavor and rich dark color can be achieved.

Ripe, sweet and sour and a bit tart, chokeberries can be eaten fresh, without limitation.

Aronia berries have very tiny seeds that cannot be felt when they are eaten. They are delicious when fresh, squeezed, boiled, baked or dried, and can be frozen for later use.

The berries are very tasty mixed with yogurt, cottage cheese and other dairy foods. The richness of their taste is particularly expressed with goat or sheep cheese.

Due to the large amount of pectin, which gels easily, chokeberries are especially delicious prepared as jam or marmalade mixed with pears, apples, apricots, peaches, cherries, strawberries, currants, blackberries or raspberries . Jam or preserves are supposed to be eaten with a teaspoon, like honey, because they are actually a medicine derived directly from nature.

The berries can be dried and milled, and they can be added as a whole or as flour to bread, pastries, and a variety of cakes.

An excellent brandy and liqueurs as well as a dessert wine can be made from aronia.

It is especially delicious in chocolate where the combination of flavors gives a whole new dimension to its taste.

In addition to the fruit, the leaves may be used for tea. They are rich in vitamin P. In appearance they resemble cherry leaves. In autumn, after the first frosts, their hue becomes red and purple. The tea has a flavor and aroma of almonds. It has a very refreshing effect with the addition of honey and lemon. It is enough to add 5-6 leaves per liter of boiling water cover and leave it to cool. Dry aronia berries can be used in the same way, just like dog rose.

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