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Our produscts

We produce and sell: Fresh organic aronia, squeezed juice from organic chokeberry and three-year seedlings of organic chokeberry.
Fresh organic aronia can be ordered via e-mail or by calling the contact telephone numbers. Fresh organic aronia shipped from 20 August to 30 October. The price of fresh chokeberry annually determines by the association of chokeberry.
Statistic juice organic produce chokeberry Siberian cold squeezing, without sugar, preservatives and any supplements. Price juice bottles of 0.75 liters is 12 euros. If you order two bottles of juice you get one bottle free of charge, so that three bottles of juice cost 24 euros! Healthy people taking a gin glass of juice in the morning. People with health problems three times a gin glass of either juice daily.
Three-year seedlings chokeberry price of 2 euros per plant. The seedlings are delivered in autumn or spring.
The products are delivered to your home address on the territory of Montenegro and Serbia. Customers pay for the costs of delivery in the territory of Serbia. Products can be ordered by email or by calling the contact telephone numbers, as well as a message on our Facebook page Aronia ZOGO.

Where are we located